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Our Mission

The Liquid Propulsion Development Team at the University of Florida tasks teams with researching, designing, and manufacturing liquid propellant rocket engines. Once built, the motors will undergo static motor tests to measure relevant data such as thrust, impulse, and burn rate. Through the program, the team will compile a catalog of manufactured motors with statistics and information on how to create them for future use. With these motors the team will compete in numerous competitions around the country.

Additionally, these students develop valuable engineering skills that parallel those of engineers in industry. This provides students in the Liquid Propulsion Team a strong groundwork with regards to applicable engineering experience in both realms of design and manufacturing.


The most advanced liquid rocket engine to be manufactured by students in the state of Florida.

Albatross Tech Specs:
  - Engine Fuel: n-Hexane at 6:1 mixture ratio
  - Oxidizer: 75% Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) : Catalyzed
  - Chamber Pressure: 2MPa
  - Thrust: 2kN
  - Cycle: Pressure Feed (Nitrogen)

For more information on Albatross' components click the links below:



Past Progress: 
We have recently finished testing our Software Verification Engine (SVE), which is the first liquid engine developed by the University of Florida. SVE is a pressure fed engine with 140 Isp and produces 50 lbf at sea-level thrust. SVE has produced valuable data for our liquid engine development program.

SVE Tech Specs:
EngineFuel: 95% Ethanol (C2H6O)
Oxidizer: 50% Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)
Isp Sea-Level: 140s ISP
Chamber Pressure: 100 psi
Thrust: 50 lbf
Cycle: Pressure Feed (Nitrogen)





We would like to thank our sponsors for their generous contributions to our team!


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